Monday, November 12, 2012

space that only i got left

yeah, i gonna be a great advanture begin in my life.. but for sure im really gonna miss malaysia so much..

people always said to be that im very lame..loser.. reading someone blog..
i do learn something from others people reality not everyone listen to what we are saying.. most people prefer to stay close and enjoy with us when we are really in happy state but not when we facing problems..

hardly to find someone who really care and willingly to hear any kind of problems that we have.. i've try to voice out anything to someone.. but they only heard only few couples of minutes, and then change the topic because they might be boring listening to me.. i know not everybody like to be side with me, joking, crying and listen to me.. it is true now i could feel the emptinies in my life eventhough i've been surrounded by many kind of people..

only this space i could pour some stories.. this network i could lend someone hear who willingly to read..

who knows that someday i could never to voice this out again.. this could be my storage of voice that cannot be spilt out because nobody notice and concern about me..

i might be here but not every single words goods to them