Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Bila berbicara pasal cinta pasti kaitan kuatnya adalah remaja. Adalah menjadi satu lumrah kehidupan manusia untuk mencintai dan dicintai..pernah ditanya diri ini mengenai cinta tapi ak memilih untuk hanya berdiam diri, bukan kerana tiadanya perasaan itu dlm hati tapi ak menganggap ini bukan lagi masanya.. atau mungkin diri ini tidak lagi mahu membuat kesilapan yg sama, kesilapan yang sukar untuk ak maaf kn diri ini lgi..

~tidak mampu meneruskn lg post..

Sunday, December 25, 2011

tetiba hati terdetik mewarkahkan sesuatu di laman blog ini.. terkilas perkara silam yg pernah dilakukan sebelum ini. yea, kita adalah manusia, x kn mngkin pernah kita terlepas daripada landasan kesilapan.. pernah terlintas di fikiran, adakah apa yg saya lakukan selama ini diredai oleh Allah.. tekanan sering kali menyadi penyebab utama manusia memilih nafsu dan kejahilan sebagai pengubat segala kekusutan.. memang benar kita manusia xkn lepas melakukan dosa tp kita mampu mengelaknya,. pernah terfikir berapa bnyak dosa yg kita lakukan dalam sesaat? seminit? sejam? sehari? seminggu? sebulan? dan setahun? nauzubillahi min zalik..  marilah kita tingkatkn lagi keimanan kepada Allah S.W.T.. jadikn lh "soleh wa musleh" sebagai motivasi dalam memajukan diri.. =)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's time 2 LeARn ENGlish..

someone asked me.. how 2 learn English in a best way? do you know how?? it depend how u practice it.
how 2 practice?? In this new era, there are many ways that we can do to increase our knowledge about English.. "English BROKEN???' it's okay, if we want to have a better knowledge about English, we must learn from mistakes.. people do mistakes, so don't be so shy when we use 'English BRoken' is a step to learn English.. English is not like math that we can calculate and get the answer... English is not like biology, physics, and chemist that we do some experiment to get the result.. English is all about vocabulary, communication, and speaking.. we cannot simply learn it without practice it.. =)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A chance To be Grab..

living with all questioning make me think quiet a lot isn't it.. as a human we faced many things in our life.. there are a lot of questions wait for us to be answer.. but, did you know, the most important is not the answer actually, the most important things is how we answer the question...

This is life, the most important is how we react.. but not we aspect.. most of us wiling to wait and expect something good to be happen in their life, the goods never comes if we never effort it..

it  just as simple as, if we want it we go for it.. don't always relaying on others because when there is nobody around us, how we can move on, so start now, try giving yourself a chance to prove that you can do something without anyone helps.. that's the way to live..

Try to FOrGive..

Feeling guilty for all things that i've been done to other people.. it's so hard to forgive ourselves to what we have done.. some people asked me why it's hard to forgive other's, and i replied " what it's most hard enough for you, forgive other people or forgive yourself to what you have done..?"  

Not all people can accept what we have done wrong to them, but do people think what we feel when we know we doing something wrong to them? Most people kept blaming even though they knew we had realize our mistake.. they kept talking behind us for our mistakes to other.. just a little from them knowing and guiding us to   a right path.. remember we all are not perfect.. we do mistakes in our life

Stop blaming others.. and start thinking what you have to do to help..

~from 'kelurusanku terpuji'~

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Zikrullah is a way of muslims to remember Allah. "zikir" which means remember was combined with the name Allah would bring to a new meaning that is 'remember Allah'. Usuall when people talk about zikrullah they would think about saying Allah's name and praising Him by repeated words such as subhanallah and Allahuakbar. The truth is they're wrong. Zikrullah means anything that could make someone remember of Allah. Although the repeating words are recommended to be practiced every time. So what's the benefit? Would it do much good to anyone? A scientific research about repeating words especially zikrullah shows that it would produce bio electric if it's put to practice. These bio electric would be produce at our brains, and these things would also activate some parts of the brain those are u inactive. What would it do? It will make us become more creative, proactive, smarter and increase our IQ. So, remember to Allah and He will remember you, as He said in the Quran...

~ the words given by my best friend~

Thursday, December 8, 2011


sometimes people see us happy with our life... but deeply in our heart hidden sadness that people cannot see..

the unexplained feeling warp the heart.. 

~the heart that cannot be spoken~ 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a mistake that had 2 be taken

Do you ever lose something or someone in our life?? How painful it is? People said "something" can be replace...but how can we replace "someone".. mistakes that we done will probably cause we losing "someone".. i do mistake in my past, and i lose "someone" trust in me, i lose "someone" attention towards me, and the most hurt, i lose "someone" feeling towards me... i really don;t know what 2 do.. i cannot describe my feeling right now.. i feel very idoit for my mistake.. i'm so sorry..

> benar-benar berharap masa lalu x prnah berlalu <

a drop of ink

it had been a along time since i write something in this blog.. finally my school time had over, i'm glad i finished my spm this year.. i'm really hope that i can continue my study in local university or maybe abroad (i pray to God i have the chance to study abroad ).. those who read this blog, pray 4 my better future.. thanks..=)