Sunday, December 18, 2011

Try to FOrGive..

Feeling guilty for all things that i've been done to other people.. it's so hard to forgive ourselves to what we have done.. some people asked me why it's hard to forgive other's, and i replied " what it's most hard enough for you, forgive other people or forgive yourself to what you have done..?"  

Not all people can accept what we have done wrong to them, but do people think what we feel when we know we doing something wrong to them? Most people kept blaming even though they knew we had realize our mistake.. they kept talking behind us for our mistakes to other.. just a little from them knowing and guiding us to   a right path.. remember we all are not perfect.. we do mistakes in our life

Stop blaming others.. and start thinking what you have to do to help..

~from 'kelurusanku terpuji'~